Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. Sunny Beach is at the north end of Bourgas province, far away from Primorsko and Tsarevo. The reason we mention it here, is that it has a high profile in the media. It is the biggest destination for low cost mass tourism in Bulgaria.

If you see a TV program about Sunny Beach, don't get the wrong idea. The Sunny Beach and the surrounding area is not Bulgaria. It only occupies about 10% of the coastline. The remaining 90% is completely different.

In any case many TV and newspaper reports give a distorted view, by focussing on the bad behaviour of a few foreign tourists, for whom the cheap alcohol is the greatest attraction.

Tourist city

Sunny beach is mainly for foreign tourists. Although almost all Bulgarians go on holiday to the seaside in the summer, not many go to Sunny Beach.

It first became a tourist destination in the 1970's, and in recent years it has grown into a tourist city, with a population in the summer exceeding that of Plovdiv – Bulgaria's second largest city. During the winter it is like a ghost town, the area was never inhabited before the construction of hotels and apartments started. The architecture of the buildings is very varied and interesting, there has been no attempt to create a common theme.

The Sunny Beach area used to be a snake infested wasteland. In the 1960, truckloads of hedgehogs were brought in to clear the area. The reason this area was chosen for development was because of the enormous beach.



A large number of developments have been built in Sunny Beach, offering apartments for sale.

Property prices have levelled off now, due to the large increase in available property.
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Party town

There's plenty of night life in Primorsko, without the tall buildings and overcrowding.
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Prices in Sunny Beach are higher than elsewhere on the Black Sea coast.

If you have a lot of shopping to do, it may be worth the trip to Burgas city.
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The truth

Not everything that you read about Bulgaria is true. Read more …