Primorsko and Tsarevo

The municipalities of Primorsko and Tsarevo are situated on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, in the province of Bourgas.

Fly from Primorsko to Tsarevo. The region has long been a favourite with holidaymakers, with a large choice of beaches, protected nature reserves and a wide variety of activities.

Enjoy the view as we take a flight from Primorsko Airport, and fly down the coast passing Primorsko, Kiten, Lozenets and Tsarevo. Click here to see some aerial photographs…

Primorsko south beach. There are some great beaches on the south coast.

Primorsko has the largest beaches. The south beach is ideal for children, it is calm because it is in a bay. It is shallow for a long way out. Read more…

Like elsewhere on the Bulgarian coast, you'll feel fresh, not sticky, after a swim, because there is less salt in the Black Sea (compared to the Mediterranean).

Ropotamo Reserve. The Ropotamo Reserve is situated in the municipality of Primorsko, and is a protected area. Take a boat trip and enjoy the wildlife and scenery.

If you are lucky, you will see deer, red-footed falcons, cormorants, and maybe the rare Short-toed Tree creeper. Look at the photos…

Not Sunny Beach

Bulgarian village. Primorsko and Tsarevo are the 'real' Bulgaria - not like the Sunny Beach resort. All the towns and villages are inhabited throughout the year. Buildings are smaller and more spaced out. It is less intense, and more relaxed.

If you want to party, go to Primorsko town. If you want to chill out, try Lozenets. If you want a countryside retreat, try Velika.

Information about Bulgaria and the Black Sea coast.

Look at photos of beautiful places, read about the weather, the mafia, places to visit.

Tips on how not to get ripped off when buying property, or taking a taxi.

Did you know?

Tsarevo has the best weather in Bulgaria, with more than an hour a day extra sunshine compared to Varna…

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